Mending Smiles in Cicero, IL With Dental Crowns And Bridges

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Crowns and Bridges are types of procedures that restore patients smiles by preserving the tooth structure or by replacing missing teeth. These procedures are essential for the maintenance of the overall dental health. Crowns and Bridges help in retaining the overall appearance, health, and structure of the mouth to prevent the development of other dental complications.

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Difference Between A Dental Crown And Bridge

  • Purposes

Dental Crowns are used to preserve badly damaged or extremely worn down teeth, protect teeth that have a large filling or has undergone a root canal and save a broken or cracked tooth together. It can be used to preserve the teeth that are too damaged for fillings and not too damaged to be extracted. A crown can also be used to replace missing teeth if used in a dental implant or bridgework.

Dental Bridges can fill or ‘bridge’ the gaps due to missing teeth. It is composed of two dental crowns to serve as the anchors and pontics (fake teeth) as the replacements. It can replace single or multiple teeth. The number of crowns and pontics to be used depends on the number of teeth to be replaced. Bridges can be used as a dental prosthesis for a dental implant.

  • Procedures

For the placement of the Crown, the treated tooth is prepared by removing the damaged or diseased portions to ensure that there will be no underlying problem. If the tooth is fully intact, it will be slightly carved to make way for the crown to be placed. Grinding the tooth ensures that once the crown is placed, it would not cause any problem to the patient’s occlusion. If the tooth is ready, impressions will be taken for the custom-creation of the permanent crown. The impressions taken are then sent to an off-site lab. It is to make sure that the created crown will properly fit and not cause any problems to the patient. While waiting for the permanent placement, a temporary crown is placed to protect the exposed tooth.

On the other hand for the Bridge, it usually works the same way as the placement of the crowns. Although the purpose of preparing the teeth is for it to properly serve as an anchor that holds the bridge in place to provide stability and durability. Impressions are also taken and sent to an off-site lab for its custom-creation.

The treatment for both Crowns and Bridges usually takes up to two or more dental visits. Once the permanent restorations are ready, the patient is instructed to come back for the installation of the dental crown or bridge. The dentist will then cement it in place to make sure that it will properly accomplish its purpose and to provide a guarantee for the patients. Necessary adjustments can be performed to make sure that it would not affect the patient’s natural teeth.

Mend your smiles with Crowns and Bridges to regain your beautiful and natural looking smiles to bring back your confidence and overall well-being!


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