Dental Sealants: Prevent Bacteria From Hiding – Cicero, IL

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Proper dental practices such as regular brushing and adequate flossing are essential in maintaining good oral health. However, brushing and flossing are not enough since some teeth are prone to damage and some are not, so it requires treatment to have additional protection from bacteria. Here at Image Dental in Cicero, we offer dental sealants treatment in Cicero, Stickney, Berwyn, Forest View, Oak Park and surrounding areas.

Dental Sealants

What are Dental Sealants?

It is a dental material which is made of plastic resin used to coat the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to prevent decay and damage. Dental sealants are usually white or clear that serves as a physical barrier. Sealants cover the pits and grooves of the teeth to protect them.

Why do you need Dental Sealants?

The back teeth chewing surface has pits and grooves making the teeth vulnerable to decay.  Teeth grooves serve as a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause dental complication if left unattended. A dental sealant is used as a coating which smoothens the tooth surface to prevent plaque buildup due to food particles stuck inside the pits.

Advantages of Sealants

  • Protect teeth surface from acids
  • Reduce the risk of decay and damage
  • Sealants do not interfere with the appearance of the tooth
  • Maintain healthy oral condition
  • Sealant treatment is time savvy

Who can have Sealants?

Children, teens, and adults can benefit from sealants. Early sealant application prevents cavity, especially to children.

How Are Dental Sealants Applied

  • The first step in the process is the removal the food particles on the groove and plaque from the surface of the teeth with the use of paste and rotating brush.
  • Washing of the teeth with water and drying it
  • Once the teeth are dried, an acidic solution is placed on the grooves and fissured area
  • The acid solution is then rinsed off producing a rough surface to make the sealant attach to the tooth easier
  • The tooth is dried again, and the liquid sealant is then applied and hardened using a specialized light
  • Once the sealants harden, it turns into a smooth plastic varnish coating and allows the patient to chew on the tooth as usual.

Get added protection to your teeth. Avail of our Dental Sealants Service in Cicero. Book your appointment with Image Dental. Our dental office is located at 3020 S. Cicero Ave., Cicero, IL 60804.