ClearCorrect in Cicero, IL: The Invisible Orthodontic Alternative

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People seek orthodontic treatments to correct certain teeth irregularities that bothers them. Metal braces may have been available for years to fix these issues; however, not everyone likes the idea of the metal brackets and wires that make up the mouth. Thankfully, as dentistry continues to evolve, so are the procedures it offers. One orthodontic treatment emerged which promises to deliver the same favorable results of metal braces, yet without its usual hassles – ClearCorrect!

ClearCorrect, as its name implies, corrects common teeth problems such as overcrowding, malocclusions, and excessive spaces. Instead of using the usual brackets and wires, it utilizes clear, flexible thermoplastic material which are molded based on the impressions taken from a specific patient to guarantee a perfect fit.




As it is a removable aligner, instructions given by the dentist should be strictly followed to ensure the success of the treatment. To aid patients, here is a list of things to do to get the most out of their ClearCorrect experience.

  • Wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day
  • Remove the appliance only when cleaning, eating, and drinking
  • The aligners should be switched out depending on the treatment plan created by the dentist, take note of the schedules given for better results.
  • Keep both the oral appliance and teeth in good condition by practicing proper dental hygiene at all times.

We at Image Dental believe that our patients who are usually hesitant about traditional braces would be in favor of the procedure. ClearCorrect is guaranteed to deliver favorable results, as long as the patients properly comply with the instructions and proper care given. Teeth irregularities that used to make people feel conscious and uneasy can be corrected, therefore allowing them to smile to their heart’s content. Here are the other benefits of the procedure aside from giving an ideal smile everyone has always dreamed of.

Better Oral Health

Malocclusions leave some hard to access areas in the mouth, which over time can lead to complications if left unattended. Having the issue corrected with ClearCorrect allows a more thorough mouth cleaning to prevent any oral problems from arising. Besides, misalignments can lead to bruxism, tooth wear, and jaw or neck pain.


Unlike the traditional approach, ClearCorrect does not require multiple dental visits for adjustments. Aligners and its replacement schedules are given beforehand. To make sure that the treatment works effectively, we at Image Dental would require our patients to see us every four to six weeks to check their progress. Additional trays may also be provided if needed.


The road to straighter, healthier teeth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for ClearCorrect in Cicero, IL, contact us at Image Dental and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.