4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Dental Braces – Cicero, IL

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A  smile is a perfect curve they say, but what about to those people who have crooked teeth? Cosmetic Dental issues such as gapped, crooked or misaligned teeth can happen to anyone at any age and can be a real-time problem. Misaligned teeth can put people down, lower their self-esteem and make them feel inferior from others. Even though these people have good oral hygiene are vigilant with their dental health, there will still be some instances that other people will negatively judge the person with crooked teeth.


Image Dental offers Traditional Braces to provide an option for people seeking for straighter teeth. However, patients should not hastily decide to go to the dentist and get traditional braces right away.




Here are some things that people who want to have braces should know


Wearing traditional braces and getting used to it is not a painless process. The fitting rarely hurts but the new sensation and pressure against the teeth while wearing the braces will cause pain, soreness and aching. The patient will experience soreness on the inside of the gums and the lips. It is because that the mouth is not used to wearing metals and wires too. However, all the pain and side effects will fade away a couple of weeks after the treatment.

Getting used to it is hard on the 1st phase, the result is a healthier mouth and a more beautiful smile. After the long sacrifice, the wearer won’t be able to notice the braces on their teeth.

The average treatment period is two years

The typical duration is roughly an average of two years, but everything will depend on how much work should be done to straighten the teeth and to fix the bite issues. The dentist should know every information about the dental condition of the patient to avoid complications.

Patients should not fixate on invisible brackets

Dentists nowadays encounter patients who do not follow their recommendations because most patients now want to have dental braces that look as inconspicuous as possible. Although it is understandable, these type of braces is not always suitable for everyone. The invisible brackets blend to the natural teeth, so most teenagers prefer it; however, only a small number of patients are compatible with plastic aligners and brackets. Using traditional braces, in the long run, would give the wearer straighter teeth, a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile.

Bite Issues may also need to be fixed

Other than straightening the teeth, the dentist will check if the patient’s bite is healthy. The bite of a person can be described as what happens when the two rows of the teeth are closed and opened up again. When the rows meet and do not grind or experience too much abrasion, it indicates a healthy bite. Also, there must be no gaps anywhere along the line where the rows meet. It is essential to check whether the bit functions correctly because if left untreated, it would lead to a more serious complication.

Remember that the orthodontist appointments are more than just what type of braces to be worn. They can mean a big difference between a quick fix for a minor issue or an unnoticed dental problem that would turn to a major challenge later on.


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